The waterfront town with a million dollar view!

Status of Current Projects

There are currently no projects scheduled.


If any Citizen would like to volunteer their time or donate money for the project, please contact Geoff Wullschlager at 503-368-5767 for details. I am also interested in any ideas for fund raising to finance City Hall improvements. Your City Hall is a unique structure made of some of the finest old growth timber ever milled in the area. The building is one of the last public structures in Oregon that at one time incorporated a Fire Department, Public Work Department, City Recorder Offices, and Community Events Center into one building. The City must maintain the building in a safe usable condition, for all its citizens into the future.

Citizens may suggest new projects by contacting City Hall at 503-368-5767 or by attending a City Council meeting. The City’s ability to complete large projects is generally dependent on grant financing.

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