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Wheeler Station Antiques
A maze full of fun and interesting stuff !
  Enter The Twilight Zone!!! You look at the place from the outside and it's your average storefront, little antique store. Enter, and you could be lost in another dimension for hours. Inside, it's a maze of small rooms, levels, stairs... you go in one room and there are 2 ways to go out. From there you choose from another 2 or three. As you circle and climb and wander through room after room, you lose all sense of direction and wonder if you'll find your way out. But who cares? Each room is packed with the oddest things from porceline to iron, lace to buckskin. Many things are priced very reasonably too. There are no sales people. Each item is tagged by the seller and you pay up at the front door (if you can find it).
- Beverly M.,Oregon City, OR
  Business Address
425 Hwy 101
Wheeler, Oregon 97147

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