Wheeler will honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday by raising the flag at city hall.  You can also attend an MLK celebration Sunday night in Nehalem.

In December, Wheeler’s city council passed a proclamation designating the MLK holiday as a day of service.

The Council consists of a Mayor and five Council members nominated and elected from the City at large. The City of Wheeler elects its Mayor for a term of four years. The Mayor acts as Chair of the Council meetings and votes only when a tie votes of the City Council occurs. The Mayor’s general duties at City Council meetings include presiding over Council deliberations, preserving order, and enforcing Council rules. The Mayor also acts as spokesperson for the City and is the official representative of the City.

The City elects five Council members, each for a term of four years. The City Council’s function within the City is two-fold, to enact City code through the passage of ordinances, and to help build a common vision for Wheeler through creative and representative municipal policy making. The City Council also helps to connect the community and the city government, integrating citizens’ voices into the creation of policy. The City of Wheeler City Council is committed to informing citizens and actively engaging residents, second homeowners, and businesses in identifying community issues and finding solutions. The Council invites and encourages citizen involvement in the development of City programs and services.

A resident is eligible for an elective office of the City if at the time of the election he/she is a qualified elector within the meaning of the state constitution and has resided in the City during the twelve months immediately preceding the elections.

The City Council meets the third Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm.  The City Council holds City Council meetings at Wheeler City Hall 775 Nehalem Blvd. Wheeler, Oregon. The public is encouraged to attend all City Council meetings. If you would like to be added to the agenda, or would like to submit documents for a City Council meeting the deadline is 4:30 pm the Wednesday prior to the City Council meeting. If you have any questions please call the City Manager, Juliet Hyams, at 503-368-5767 or by e-mail at (citymgrwheeler@nehalemtel.net).


Heidi Wilcox-Siglin, President
Term Expires: 01/19/2021Heidi
Dave Bell
Term Expires: 01/19/2021Dave Bell3
Robert Harlow
Term Expires: 01/17/2019 Bob Harlow
Jim King
Term Expires: 01/17/2019Jim King
Dawn Sea Kahrs DC
Term Expires: 11/06/2018Dawn Karhs 2
Stevie Burden, Mayor
Term Expires: 01/19/2021

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City Council minutes posted when approved the following month.