Zoning Ordinance Text Amendment Application 2019-12 proposes to adopt Ordinance 2019-03, amending the Wheeler Zoning Ordinance Section 11.110 Shoreland and Estuarine Zone Standards, as follows:

  • [Title 20 to clearly apply to all shorelines referenced in Goal 5], Section 11.111 [Title to clearly apply to all shorelines referenced in Goal 5], Section 11.111 (1) Setback [to delete the potential setback upland shoreline reduction]
    Section 11.111 (2) Riparian Vegetation [to state the Nehalem Bay Setback cited in Goal 5 Policy 3], and Section 23
  • 11.120 Protection of Riparian Vegetation to assure consistency with the Wheeler Comprehensive Plan Goal 5 Policy 3 and to assure the standards are clear and objective.
  • Consistent with ORS 227.186, City of Wheeler, Oregon is required to state that the City has determined that adoption of this ordinance may affect the permissible uses of your property, and other properties in the affected zone, and may change the value of your property.
  • On Thursday, November 7, 2019, at 7:00 pm, at Wheeler City Hall, the Planning Commission will hold a public hearing regarding the adoption of Ordinance Number 2019 – 03.
  • Planning Commission reserves the right to continue their public hearing to a date, time, and place certain without mailing additional notice, serving notice on additional persons or to gather additional evidence for the findings of fact.
  • After the November 7 hearing, including any continuances, the Planning Commission will forward their recommendation for the ordinance and findings of fact to City Council.