City Hall: 503-368-5767
Nehalem Bay Fire & Rescue – Business:  503-368-7590
Police Dept. – Business: 503-368-7229
Public Works: 503-368-4283 (Joe Velkinburg’s cell phone: 503-812-9214)
Nehalem Bay Waste Water – Business: 503-368-5125
Nehalem Telicommunications: 503-368-5116
Nehalem Bay Food Bank: 503-368-7724
Senior Services: 1-866-546-3731

EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS: Wheeler is a member of Nehalem Bay Emergency Volunteer Corps. Wheeler has an emergency shelter that is activated in long-term power outages; severe storms or other emergencies such as earthquake or tsunami.  This shelter is located in the Nehalem Bay Health District building above the Rinehart Clinic. The shelter is Red Cross affiliated.

TSUNAMI MAP: Because a portion of Wheeler is in a tsunami inundation zone, please make yourself familiar with evacuation routes for the city.
tsunami map

A LOCAL TSUNAMI can come onshore tsunami-thwithin
15 to 20 minutes after the earthquake – before there is time for an official warning from the national warning system.  Ground shaking from the earthquake may be the only warning you have. EVACUATE QUICKLY!!
A DISTANT TSUNAMI will take 4 hours or more to come ashore .  You will feel no earthquake and the tsunami
will generally be smaller than that from a local earthquake.  Typically, there is time for an official warning and
evacuation to safety.
Evacuation for a distant tusnami will generally be indicated by a STEADY 3-MINUTE SIREN BLAST and announcment
over NOAA radio that the local area has been put on an official TSUNAMI WARNING.  In isolated areas along beaches and bays, you may not hear a warning siren.  If you hear the 3 minute blast or see a sudden change in sea level, first evacuate away from shoreline areas, then turn on your local broadcast media or NOAA weather radio for further information.
IF YOU FEEL AN EARTHQUAKE: Until the earthquake is over, protect yourself – DROP < COVER< HOLD
MOVE IMMEDIATELY INLAND to high ground and move away from low-lying coastal areas. In Wheeler, move up the hill, away from the water and highway 101.
GO ON FOOT if at all possible
DO NOT WAIT for an official warning
DO NOT PACK or delay
DO NOT RETURN to the beach or waterfront
WAIT for an “all clear” from local emergency officials before returning to low-lying areas.
A tsunami may come in a few minutes. Large waves may continue to come onshore for several hours.

BE PREPARED – ASSEMBLE EMERGENCY KITS: (3-5 day supply for each family member)
1.    First Aid Kit and Reference Guide
2.   Water – 1 gallon per person per day; for drinking, hygiene and cooking
3.   Food (packaged, no cook, as well as baby food and food for special diets)
4.   Can opener
5.   Blanket or sleeping bags
6.   Fire extinguisher (standard)
7.   Essentail medications
8.   Money
9.   Food and water for pets
10.  Portable radio, NOAA weather radio, flashlights and batteries (walkie talkies if you have them)
11.  Alternate cooking source and matches
12.  Heavy gloves and sturdy shoes
13.  Crescent wrench for utility & water shut off (12″ or longer)
14.  Crow bar
15.  Tarps

MAP YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD PROGRAM:  Wheeler, as a member of Nehalem Bay Emergency Volunteer Corps, has implemented this program for our community. Block Captains are responsible for organizing their neighborhoods (10-20 homes) for emergency response. This includes a block meeting to review basic emergency procedures; compile a list of emergency equipment readily available and emergency numbers for contacting relatives or responsible persons. Neighborhood Captains are encouraged to take additional emergency training; compile an address and phone list of neighbors and to keep neighbors apprised of any important developments in emergency preparation or community news. If at all possible, captains will be contacted by their EOC if they have advance warning of an emergency.  In case of a severe emergency, neighborhood captains (after looking to their own safety and that of their family) will proceed to check on the needs of their block and report to a central EOC (Emergency Operations Center).







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