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The City of Wheeler water system consists of a well site and treatment system located off Foss Road, and the City’s distribution system.  The City’s distribution system is made up of two 350,000 gallon storage reservoirs, a booster pump station, and associated piping, valves , and meters.  The City monitors and operates the system by computer located at City Hall.  The City currently has 242 water services that supplies water to approximately 450 people.  The City’s normal water usage can vary from 1-3 million gallons per month.  The City tests its water once per month for bacterial and other contaminants.  The City of Wheeler has some of the finest drinking water on the coast.  See the details in the 2018 Drinking Water Quality Report.


If your meter reading is increasing without cause, you may want to check for a leak. Turn off all faucets, etc., and check your water meter to see if it is turning.  Take a screwdriver or tool to help you lift the lid off the water meter box, and uncover or clean off the meter glass.  If filled with dirt pushed in by a mole, use a garden trowel to find the meter.  Step one, record the number on the face of the meter, all meters read in gallons.  A small triangle on most meters turns with the least flow.  If the small triangle or meter dial is turning even slightly you may have a leak.

First turn off all toilet valves, then one at a time turn toilets and other water applicances back on and check the meter for each.  Any motion in the meter dial or triangle could mean water seals need replacing.  A leaking toilet (at 1/2 gallon per minute) can cost as much as $90 each month.  Also turn off any irrigation valves and outside faucets and again check the water meter.  After these investigations, if your meter does not stop turning, please call Joe at the Public Works cellular phone number at (503) 812-9214 or City of  Wheeler at (503) 368-5767.

There is no need to call if the meter is not turning; however, check it a few times to see if the numbers increase when everything is off. The leak may be small but costly over a period of time.

Streets & Transportation System

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The City of Wheeler’s Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 10 miles of streets within the City.  The department has equipment to repair potholes, maintain right-of-ways, apply sand during freezing weather, and semi-grade unpaved streets.  The Public Works Department has the ability to perform street maintenance for correcting normal street wear & tear, but contracts out large street maintenance jobs.  We also maintain the majority of the City Street and parking lot paint striping, which the department performs routinely once a year.  The striping task is performed around the City sponsored Spring Cleanup Day in May, and as needed throughout the year.  The department also has equipment to sweep and clean the City’s curbed streets.  The Department performs this task on an as needed basis.


The City of Wheeler’s Transportation System Plan was adopted in 2001 and can be viewed or downloaded from this web site or at City Hall.

Parks & Recreation

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Landscaping at Water Front Park

Upper Park entrance is located on Second Street just off Rowe Street. Upper Park is the largest of the city parks and encompasses approximately 3.5 acres. The park is well above the Tsunami inundation zone and designated as the emergency meeting site in case of a large Tsunami. The park hosts a helicopter landing area and other amenities including a ball field; a PBX track; Horseshoe pits; picnic tables, barbeque facilities, walking path (approx. 1/3 mile); drinking water; restroom facilities, and playground equipment. To reserve the ball field please call (503) 368-5767. The fields are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis, with priority given to local teams

Waterfront Park is the City’s “first impression” park, and is located at Rector Street and Marine Drive on the waterfront. The site encompasses nearly an acre of land on Nehalem Bay. The park offers the community a window of open space. From the site reveals, a sweeping panorama of the distant coastline, Neahkahnie Mountain, the wooded Coast Range, a wildlife sanctuary, and the river estuary. Sunsets, storms, wildlife, fishing boats, and rainbows are all a part of this spectacular landscape. The park’s beautiful flowers, green grass, and magnificent views of Nehalem Bay and its islands add beauty and character to Wheeler. The parks amenities include picnic tables, barbeque facilities, a fishing/boat dock and a boat ramp.

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