The waterfront town with a million dollar view!

Wheeler, the Gem of the Oregon Coast

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2013 – Wheeler’s Centennial Year

The lovely little village of Wheeler lies at the edge of the Pacific on Nehalem Bay along Oregon’s spectacular north coast.  The lumber mills and fish packing plants of Wheeler’s early decades are gone now….leaving a village of charming, historic buildings strung together on the edge of that beautiful bay as if they were displayed on a holiday mantle.

Wheeler enjoys a wonderful “mini” climate and is often bathed in sunshine while surrounding coastal areas enjoy fog and mist.  Natives call Wheeler “Pukalani” (hole in the sky) as the surrounding hills seem to protect Wheeler from the prevailing northwest wind and fog. Our sunsets can be some of the best in the world!

Wheeler has been called “the little town with the million-dollar view!”.  It is a coastal refuge where people come to relax, refresh, and enjoy the scenic splendor of Oregon’s north coast.  Wheeler is small enough to be peaceful and unhurried — yet big enough to offer the services and advantages of a tight-knit community.  We are very proud of our sweet little town.

Welcome to Wheeler — for a visit …. or a lifetime!





The City of Wheeler is holding a special meeting of the City Council at City Hall on Monday October 22, 2018 at 9:30 AM.

October 22 2018 CC Special Meeting Agenda



The City of Wheeler is seeking responses to a Request for Proposal for Planning Services. The Request for Proposal can be found at the City of Wheeler website at Requires a combination of professional qualifications, organizational management, specialized experience and technical competence, past performance, capacity to perform the work, and knowledge of geographical location. Send response to RFP to: City Manager, Planning Services, 775 Nehalem Blvd., PO Box 177, Wheeler, Oregon 97147. Questions: 503-368-5767. First review: October 24, 2018. The City of Wheeler is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Planning Services RFP – 10082018-Ad

Request for Proposals – Wheeler Contract Planner-2nd Ad



The City of Wheeler is hosting an Emergency Shelter Orientation and Drill. The City invites people interested in participating, either in a shelter volunteer role or as a “client,” to come to City Hall on October 13, 2018. Click the link below to learn more about how you can participate.

2018-10-13 Flyer – Wheeler Emergency Shelter Drill – white



The City of Wheeler is looking for volunteers interested in helping out for a few hours, a few days, a few weeks, and even a few years. If you are interested in Emergency Preparedness, Parks and Recreation (operations and maintenance), putting out the flags on holidays, serving on citizens advisory committees, sitting on the City Council or Planning Commission, working on Wheeler Clean-up Day, helping our Public Works Director on the dock, cataloging emergency supplies, coordinating local events, general office work for a few hours, or anything else you might be interested in helping with, please fill out the Volunteer Form below send send it in to We look forward to hearing from you!

Volunteer Applications



Short Term Rentals: The City of Wheeler Zoning Ordinance defines a short term rental as “a dwelling unit occupied for remuneration for less than 14 calendar days, including portions of days as full days” (Section 1.070 Definitions). It further states in Section 5.035 that short-term rentals are prohibited outright in Zone R-1, and are prohibited per Section 6.035 except for as allowed in Section 6.030 (12). Section 6.030 (12) is RV parks or campgrounds of 10 acres or more. See the City of Wheeler Zoning Ordinance for more information.




The City of Wheeler’s annual drinking water quality report for 2017 can be viewed at the link below. If you have any questions about this report or the water utility, please contact Joe Velkinburg at (503) 812-9214.

Wheeler Annual Drinking Water Quality Report – 2017



The City of Wheeler Budget for FY 2018-2019 was adopted by City Council on June 19, 2018.

To see the final adopted budget, please click the link below:

FY 2018-2019 Adopted Budget



The City of Wheeler’s water rates have increased as of July 1, 2018. City Council passed resolution 2018-05 on June 19, 2018 that sets water rates over the next five years. The first year increases rates by ~44% to catch up the cost index over the past 12 years where rates have not changed. For more information click below on “Water Rates” set by the resolution, or on “Water Rates Study.”

Water Rates

Water Rates Study and System Development Charge Methodology


The City of Wheeler is an equal opportunity provider

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