The waterfront town with a million dollar view!

Charter, Ordinances & Plans

City Charter

AdoptedĀ  2002 with amendments through April, 2008

Comprehensive Plan

Adopted December, 1979 with amendments through January, 2010

City Ordinance

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Chapter 1: Administration
Chapter 2: Water, Sewer & Streets, Sec. 1
Chapter 2: Water, Sewer & Streets, Sec. 2
Chapter 3: Building, Planning & Zoning, Sec. 1
Chapter 3: Building, Planning & Zoning, Sec. 2
Chapter 4: Fire Protection
Chapter 5: Traffic Control
Chapter 6: Nuisance Regulation
Chapter 7: Business Regulations
Chapter 8: Franchises and Agreements
Chapter 9: Street Vacations
Chapter 10: Annexations

Zoning Ordinances

Article 1: Introduction & Definitions
Article 2: WRC Zone – Water-Related Commercial
Article 3: IND Zone – Water-Related Industrial
Article 4: GC Zone – General Commercial
Article 5: R-1 Zone – Residental Type 1
Article 6: R-2 Zone – Residental Type 2
Article 7: P Zone – Public Lands Zone
Article 8: Estuary Zone
Article 9: FHO Zone – Flood Hazard Overlay
Article 10: Planned Development
Article 11: Supplementary Provisions
Article 12: Exceptions to Zoning Rules
Article 13: Matters Subject to Review and Approval by Commission; Public Deliberations and Hearings
Article 14: Variances
Article 15: Conditional Use/Activities
Article 16: Ammendments
Article 17: Nonconforming Uses
Article 18: Administrative Provisions
Article 19: General Provisions

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Color Zoning Map


Waterfront Development Plan

Revised & Adopted in 2008


Storm Water Drainage Master Plan

Adopted August, 2005
Wheeler Storm Water Summary
Wheeler Storm Water Master Plan Sections 1-3
Wheeler Storm Water Master Plan Section 4
Wheeler Storm Water Section 5 – 6
Wheeler Storm Water Section 7
Wheeler Storm Water Section 8

Land zoning map
Drainage Basins Map
Existing Storm Drainage System Map
Topographic Map of Wheeler

Transportation Plan

Adopted January, 2006

Photo Cover
Title TAC Contents

Ch. I Introduction
Ch. II Plan Policy Review
Ch. III. Existing Conditons
Ch. IV Future Traffic
Ch. V Alternatives
Ch. VI. Transportation System Plan
Ch. VII Implementation
TSP Ch. VIII Policy & Ordinances
Appdx A TPR Compliance
Appdx B & C Titles

Vision Report 2011


Annual Drinking Water Quality Report – 2015

Drinking Water Quality Report 2015 (2)

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