The waterfront town with a million dollar view!

Wheeler, the gem of the Oregon Coast

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2013 – Wheeler’s Centennial Year

The lovely little village of Wheeler lies at the edge of the Pacific on Nehalem Bay along Oregon’s spectacular north coast.  Wheeler was born in the early 1900’s when a railroad link was completed connecting Portland to the timber-rich area surrounding the bay.  The train delivered lumber as well as seafood to eager markets to the east.

The lumber mills and fish packing plants of Wheeler’s early decades are gone now….leaving a village of charming, historic buildings strung together on the edge of that beautiful bay as if they were displayed on a holiday mantle.

Virgil Staben and family - Wheeler Pioneer for June 2013

Oregon Treasurer Ted Wheeler, Eunice Massie, and Mayor Stevie Burden cutting the ribbon for the new Centennial Historical Display

Wheeler enjoys a wonderful “mini” climate and is often bathed in sunshine while surrounding coastal areas enjoy fog and mist.  Natives call Wheeler “Pukalani” (hole in the sky) as the surrounding hills seem to protect Wheeler from the prevailing northwest wind and fog. Our sunsets can be some of the best in the world!

Wheeler has been called “the little town with the million-dollar view!”.  It is a coastal refuge where people come to relax, refresh, and enjoy the scenic splendor of Oregon’s north coast.  Wheeler is small enough to be peaceful and unhurried — yet big enough to offer the services and advantages of a tight-knit community.  We are very proud of our sweet little town.

Welcome to Wheeler — for a visit …. or a lifetime!

Announcements :


The City will be holding a second Town Hall meeting of the Fall season on Friday October 30th at 7:00 p.m. at the Wheeler Masonic Hall, located at  at 63 Nehalem Blvd.  Wheeler, OR 97147. Mayor Stevie Burden, along with City Manager Geoff Wullschlager will be covering the recent Water Master Plan update, matters concerning water rates, and will be updating the community on the Wheeler Citizen Advisory Committee Survey. Light refreshment will be provided, and all are welcome to join in the discussion.


The City’s Annual Drinking Water Quality Report is now available. It can be found on the City’s website under the Government tab, and then under the Charter, Ordinances, and Plans sub tab. This report is a summary review of the City’s adherence to State and Federal guidelines on water quality for the period of Jan. 1, 2014 – Dec. 31, 2014. The City is happy to report that water quality is well within compliance, and that the delivery of this resource continues with health and safety as the priority.


The schedule for City Hall will be adjusting to meet administrative requirements. City Hall will now be opening at 9:00 a.m. on Mondays and there will be a shortened schedule on Fridays with the hours of operation being 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

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