The waterfront town with a million dollar view!

Wheeler, the gem of the Oregon Coast

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2013 – Wheeler’s Centennial Year

The lovely little village of Wheeler lies at the edge of the Pacific on Nehalem Bay along Oregon’s spectacular north coast.  Wheeler was born in the early 1900’s when a railroad link was completed connecting Portland to the timber-rich area surrounding the bay.  The train delivered lumber as well as seafood to eager markets to the east.

The lumber mills and fish packing plants of Wheeler’s early decades are gone now….leaving a village of charming, historic buildings strung together on the edge of that beautiful bay as if they were displayed on a holiday mantle.

Virgil Staben and family - Wheeler Pioneer for June 2013

Oregon Treasurer Ted Wheeler, Eunice Massie, and Mayor Stevie Burden cutting the ribbon for the new Centennial Historical Display


Wheeler enjoys a wonderful “mini” climate and is often bathed in sunshine while surrounding coastal areas enjoy fog and mist.  Natives call Wheeler “Pukalani” (hole in the sky) as the surrounding hills seem to protect Wheeler from the prevailing northwest wind and fog. Our sunsets can be some of the best in the world!

Wheeler has been called “the little town with the million-dollar view!”.  It is a coastal refuge where people come to relax, refresh, and enjoy the scenic splendor of Oregon’s north coast.  Wheeler is small enough to be peaceful and unhurried — yet big enough to offer the services and advantages of a tight-knit community.  We are very proud of our sweet little town.

Welcome to Wheeler — for a visit …. or a lifetime!




EVC Prepaedness Fair Flyer



What if you had only 10 minute’s notice to start ‘emergency camping’ in your front yard using just what you could carry?   There would be NO power, water or sewer and no additional food, medicine or other supplies coming into Wheeler.  Your house may not be safe to stay in.  This situation is what our community will face when the Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake and tsunami hits.

Dear Wheeler Friends and Neighbors,

If you’ve lived in Wheeler for any length of time, you know that the Nehalem Bay area can be subject to many natural events short of earthquakes and tsunamis (including severe winter storms, flooding, tornadoes, power outages, landsides, road closures and the very real possibility of forest fires). These events can leave us isolated and have a negative impact on our daily lives (think: Wheeler’s flood/slide event in December 2015). These disruptions are usually short in duration, but require us all to be self-sufficient. In the case of an earthquake/tsunami, we need to be prepared to survive for 3 weeks or more without outside help or supplies.

Preparing for potential disasters might get you thinking about these questions:

How prepared am I for the safety and survival of myself and my family?

How prepared is our community?

What is the City doing to prepare?

What does it mean to be well prepared?

Where can I learn how to be better prepared?

Citizen Preparedness Meeting

6:30 pm, City Hall, Wednesday, January 17th

Mark your calendars! Bring your friends and neighbors!

Who are “we”? We are elected officials, members of the EVCNB (Emergency Volunteer Corps of Nehalem Bay), and most importantly, we are Wheeler citizens like you.  Shortly after our flood/slide event in 2015, we began meeting to plan how Wheeler can be better prepared for disasters. We have asked the City to reconstitute a Wheeler Emergency Preparedness Team. We have a plan…well, a solid foundation toward a plan. We would like to share with you what we’ve been working on, what’s happening in town, the direction we’re heading, and what your role is. Come learn about: evacuation routes, neighborhood gathering sites, shelters, how to communicate in an emergency, and more!

See you on Wednesday, January 17th, 6:30 pm, City Hall –

Heidi Wilcox-Siglin           Jim King

Paul Knight                        Betsy Chase

Phil Ordway


Botts Marsh LLC is a corporation that has purchased the Botts Marsh upland and lowland (wetlands). The corporation is comprised of Mr. Ken Ulbricht and his spouse Mrs. Lynn Ulbricht. Mr. Ulbricht is a former president (five years) and board member (eight years) of the North Coast Land Conservancy.

Botts Marsh LLC intends to develop the upland portion of the Botts Marsh property for workforce housing and commercial interests.  See concept design in Fig. 1. The lowland (wetland) portion of the property has been purchased by the Lower Nehalem Community Trust for conservation and protection as the wetlands serve a vital function to estuarine activity and flood control for the City of Wheeler. This was done through an Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board grant, and the communal efforts of the Lower Nehalem Community Trust, Botts Marsh LLC, and the City of Wheeler.

The land in question has some challenges, initially, with zoning and matters of jurisdiction. The land, as highlighted, is split between two separate zones, and has portions that reside within Wheeler City limits and the Urban Growth Boundary (UGB). The land that is outside city limits, but within the UGB is intended for the expansion interests of Wheeler; in a sense, a reserve or inventory for future use by the City. As of current, the land would need to be annexed in, to be part of the City’s tax base and as an eligible end user for City services; namely water and public works. See Fig. 2.

The owners understand the limitations that are currently imposed on the property, and have discussed their options with the City

Proposed Development 2 Proposed Development


The Wheeler City Council adopted the approved FY 2017/2018 Budget on 06/20/17.

Adopted Budget 1718 Final


The Wheeler Comprehensive Plan Update has been completed and adopted by the Wheeler City Council. While this update requires final state approval to be initiated as law within the City of Wheeler, the draft is attached below for citizen review. The Wheeler City Council, Planning Commission, and City Administration would like to thank the Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) for all of their diligence over the three years it took to complete the final draft. It is of special note that this work could not have been completed without the leadership of Eunice Massie, Vice Chair of the CAC, who passed away this last Spring. Her commitment to the betterment of Wheeler will be felt for many years through the pages and policies of this living document.

Comprehensive Plan – Final Draft


The City of Wheeler is currently working with the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development, Tillamook County, the other incorporated Cites of the County, and several Port Districts in updating its Hazard Mitigation Plan. This plan identifies the natural hazards that exist within the City’s jurisdiction, and offers a mitigation strategies for these hazards.  A draft of the Risk Assessment has been completed and can be found at the link below.

The Final Draft of the Multi-Jurisdictional Plan has also been completed and submitted to FEMA for review. A copy of the draft can be found through the link below.

Additionally, comments received from the public have as to the plan have been received and cataloged. They can be found at the link below.

17 06 08 R0 CommentsResponses


The Wheeler Planning Commission is currently soliciting interest from Wheeler residents for appointment to the City’s primary citizen involvement and land use oversight board. The Planning Commission is actively involved in reviewing land use applications that require public consideration, long term community development and planning, and matters that relate to administration of the floodplain. This is a great opportunity to serve your community and become involved in local government. All Wheeler residents who reside within Wheeler and the Urban Growth Boundary are eligible for application to serve, as are non-residents who own property or a business that operates within the City or its Urban Growth Area. Please contact City Manager Geoff Wullschlager at (503)368-5767 if you are interested in learning more.

The city of Wheeler is an equal opportunity provider

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